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You're my soul
Thursday, 2 May 2013 | 00:14 | 0 comments

A long time Im not update blog se  >< My dusty blog. If u're my stalker or u're stalk me, u'll know Im just actived in Twitter, Insta & Keek only. All well? Im coughing and flu. Fever alr got well. Alhamdulillah. Tdy I wanna share how a long time I not update blog?!

Y? Firstly, my mom alr cut the wifi. So Im online using my phone. "U say your house doesn't has wifi" Haha ok, I use Internet SimCard. Wechat, LINE, Keek, Whatsapp, Insta & ...... Now my phone is my soul, haha. And now Im at my mom office. Curi her office's wifi laa :D  Chance just come 1 time!

Secondly, watching Football MSL & BPL. What your fav team? My fav team? Of course LionXII & Arsenal. Btw I have 2 advices. U can't hope that your fav team'll win every game. Just be a loyal fan, fan until die. One more, it's need to insult other ppl just bz he is other team's supporters? It's a very idiot act laa guys. Just be matured :p

Thirdly, Im busy w/ my hist, geo & civis coursework. WTF? 3 cw in 1 time! This is crazy cher! B4 holiday must paste up. Wohoo, nice life -.-"  And what makes me fell weird is other sch doesn't has civis cw? Ok cher & principle I HATE U ALL but I  fell grateful has u all. Teach me non stop :)

Forthly, teacher day's prepation. 16/5 is teacher day if i not wrong. And our class is discussing what should we give to them? Im proposing to give them cakes, but when I think cook-cook, normally old ppl doesn't like eat sweet things, haha. And Jing Wei says, we give marker jiu hao le. Trolololo xD 

And most important reason! MYE just around the corner! 8 sub 8 A's. In U1 I just got 5A 2B 1C. What C? Shitt-y science laa! Im a PMR candidate but my act is like a teen who is alr ended sch, hoho. I not target too hight for my PMR, I just target 7A 1B and what's B? Off course sc. Whatever happen, wish me luck in my life.

You already watch Iron Man 3 or not? I'm done!